A Hello From Me

So Mr H you started a blogging site then don’t blog.

The answer to this question is fairly simple.  I am never one for pushing my ideas/beliefs  on others.   If someone asks my opinion on a subject and I feel I know enough about it,  I will give it to them.  I learned from a very early age that I didn’t and couldn’t know everything.   This, to my mind means I cannot comment on everything.

As far a being a Dominant is a D/s relationship I can only speak of what works for sweetgirl and I.  We are still learning and will no doubt make mistakes.

I was recently asked to do a post about the first 6 months or so of that journey which can be found here  https://thesafewordsclub.com/new-doms-tale-infinity-beyond/

I will warn you now, post are likely to be….

  1. infrequent.
  2. badly written.
  3. make you cry if you are a English teacher.

For this I make no apology as it is me that is writing and not Shakespeare, George Orwell or Charles Dickens.


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