What to Do?

So I am sure I am not alone in this but I have vacation days that have to be taken or I lose them. So between now and the end of March I have a number of long weekends. Unfortunately sweetgirl has to work.

So today is the start of a long weekend for me and I am at a loss as what to do. Don’t get me wrong I have a list of things I could be doing but seem to be lacking the motivation to do some of them and the weather is a factor for some (a little cold and wet at the moment)

As I type I am being pestered by our female cat. I can only assume she wants something other than food but not sure what. Or is just put out at the fact I am at home and all her cat friends can’t come round.

It is times like this I really miss our dog. We would gave been out walking by now.

I know what your thinking get another. And that makes sense and my heart agrees with you. However my head says I don’t have time to train him/her. Although the cats grew up with our old dog. There is no saying now they have had three years without a dog in the house they would take well to it. Also it would add another complication to our D/s lives as we would need to make sure our children are prepared to take on looking after them in our absence when we go away.

So what to do ????

Think I will take a little walk and go and check on my allotment although it is too wet from al the rain lately to do anything. The cold temperature(2C) doesn’t help either although with any luck it may kill off the slug eggs.

So hope you a have a good day.


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