It is not often I feel compelled to write and think this is the first post in a long while and it is not going to be a sexy post but taking a leaf out of the Sinful Sunday Prompt…

They say you get the dog you need and not the one you want.

This was certainly true about my boy.  He was always there when I needed him and some would say he was my shadow.
He taught me patience and to enjoy the moment.  The beauty of a sunrise/sunset.
He also taught my children responsibility and patience, although I think they missed these lessons until after he passed.
He left his shadow on my heart and I miss him every day.


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  1. Dogs can mean so much. My parents dog, that we got when I was living at home passed away recently. Sometimes you don’t realise what you miss until it’s gone. The house seems a little more empty whenever we go round my parents now.

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